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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Look at (My) Pre-Fall...Layer Me Happy

I wasn't kidding when I said I live in two seasons. Snow and construction. We're heavy into construction and have yet to see three days in a row of something we used to call summer. More rain than my hair needs, not enough sun to get a decent tan and most of my merch is still waiting to be worn. A complete bust. So the only thing that makes sense is to start planning ahead. Not for winter yet (oh Gawd) but cool transition. Who said cool was overrated??? Well, somebody did but we won't comment. Check out these photos from Vogue Australia/August '09. Embers, but hey, it's a start. I'll be back when I'm on fire.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jewellery For The Masses? Nope, Just Masses Of Jewellery

After weeks of being uninspired by clothes for spring/summer, my eyes fell on these pages from the June/July issue of Paris Vogue and I knew instantly we'd share them together. I'm not one for usually overloading the bijoux but whether it's one piece at a time or an armload of perfect bangles, this styling makes my heart sing. Talk about statement pieces. Timeless, classic and just plain gorgeous. Click.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Latest On The Greatest

Rockin' the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, Carine Roitfeld attends the AMFAR dinner in a white custom-made Peter Dundas for Pucci. Silver bottle pendant and cuff are Elsa Peretti and shoes by Alaia. Below, in Balmain black lace, she poses before the Wild Grass premiere. Who but this woman can make white look so ...badass?! If Paris Vogue is all about the sexual allure of a woman, then we don't have to look further than this editor-in-chief to see why. Doing it her way, she looks like all sex all the time - but never vulgar. The epitome of French chic.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blast From The Past

Damn! She does it again. If you've been suffering from Carine Roitfeld withdrawal, I give you this gem I just found. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld in 2003 for Vogue Australia. Click. If you think it won't ever get better than this, stay tuned. She's heading for Cannes any minute...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Feux de Joie

After weeks of looking at just about every fashion publication known to man, I'm uninspired for Spring. There, I've said it. All those nasty lists of "Top 10 Must Haves" aren't helping. Lots of girly florals and the worst of the worst that tops all said lists, "NUDES". Nudes, blush, call it what you's still beige and I call it blah. So I come back to my monthly fix of Paris Vogue to nurse my inner French girl and voila, I'm on fire again. En Vogue pages here - click and scrutinize.
Merci Carine

Monday, April 20, 2009

Derek Lam Fall '09

I live in the land of 2 seasons. Snow and heat. Spring lasts about a week and then we swing right into summer humidity. So why am I looking ahead to next Fall? It's not that I want the cold weather to return anytime soon - just making a plan. What I buy and wear for Spring/Summer has alot to do with what 's coming next. How will I incorporate that into the next season's purchases? What are the upcoming trends and do I even want to get onboard...all these questions are forever floating around in my head.
Derek Lam produced a runway show that was chock- full of goodies. I'll go out on a limb here and say that the clothes are not the point here. He said that this is not a time for women to make a fashion statement but a personal statement instead. I get it. He showed clothes that on their own are classic, wearable and dare I say it, boring. If you're like me and have a terminal rock-chic vibe in your DNA, then it's easy to take these pieces and add a twist here and an edge there. But what really strikes me here are the accessories. Delicious, crushable suede bags and shoes that I NEED now! But wait, there's more...the gloves are where it's at. Thank you Kelly The Bag Snob and Florence The Shoe Goddess for confirming that the bags and shoes are Lam's own. The gloves are by master glove-maker to the stars, Daniel Storto. All hand made (no machines involved), this artist takes gloves to a new level. Cathy Horyn of The Times says that Daniel is to hands, what Manolo Blahnik is to feet. High praise indeed. So, if you've only thought of gloves as something to wear so your hands don't freeze, think again. Python, suede, leather and lace are all in this man's arsenal. Swoon-worthy for me and you know I don't say that often. I'm including the double glove image and the last photo (by the great Irving Penn) although they aren't part of the Lam story just because you need to click for further inspection and see the impeccable hand stitching for yourself. Beyond fabulous!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Gap Gets Cool

Due to the un-Springlike weather here, I'm still all about previews for next Fall. Came across this collection of pictures from The Gap and I'm impressed. Last Fall they had an interesting campaign featuring a pair of cropped cargo pants that were a runaway hit. So thanks to Patrick Robinson for continuing to infuse this brand with style that's anything but what it used to be known for - IMO, the most boring preppy stuff that never changed from year to year. In this lousy economy, I'm glad to see The Gap getting with the program and giving us low-end pricing that looks good, that people might actually want. So, is it the clothes in these pictures or is it the smattering of super models that look amazing that's getting my heart racing? Both. Everyone knows by now that it's all about how you put it together that makes it or breaks it and these pictures are full of ideas. I particularly love these Pierre Hardy platform boots. Now if only they'd get their store merchandising together, they might actually have something.