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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Gap Gets Cool

Due to the un-Springlike weather here, I'm still all about previews for next Fall. Came across this collection of pictures from The Gap and I'm impressed. Last Fall they had an interesting campaign featuring a pair of cropped cargo pants that were a runaway hit. So thanks to Patrick Robinson for continuing to infuse this brand with style that's anything but what it used to be known for - IMO, the most boring preppy stuff that never changed from year to year. In this lousy economy, I'm glad to see The Gap getting with the program and giving us low-end pricing that looks good, that people might actually want. So, is it the clothes in these pictures or is it the smattering of super models that look amazing that's getting my heart racing? Both. Everyone knows by now that it's all about how you put it together that makes it or breaks it and these pictures are full of ideas. I particularly love these Pierre Hardy platform boots. Now if only they'd get their store merchandising together, they might actually have something.

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BaĊĦik said...

I love Gap and I love affordable fashion ever more!